Beginning to See the Light Opening postponed to March 2015 a group show featuring works by: Tanyth Berkeley, Paul DeMuro, Rico Gaston, Ezra Johnson, Esperanza Mayobre, Phoebe Morris, Ilse Murdock, Siobhan Liddell, Claudia Pena Salinas, Peter Simensky, curated by Emily Noelle Lambert

An exhibition on the losing and the finding of paths along the way. Light as metaphor and force for creating the process. The fleeting moment, the purposefully arranged and coincidentally caught collisions of life and meaning. Beginning To See The Light, includes, painting, photography, video, prints and sculpture. The artists included press their fingers into … Continue reading

Close Quarters works by Nicole Handel and Jack Jerz July 26th – August 31st Open mic night Wednesday August 28th 7-10pm

Jack Jerz Gallery click here Nicole Handel gallery click here

Open Mic Sunday’s June 2nd 3-7 pm Feel free to perform….

guest performances by: Jordan Bernstein “from the Greebs” Comedy by Yang Miller