“From L to L Turn Around” works by Lara Pacilio opening reception January 11 th 7-9 pm

Yes Gallery is proud to present ” From L to L turn Around” featuring works by Lara Pacilio, curated by Lesley Doukhowetzky.

Rather than showing women as elegant figures with attractive poses Lara Pacilio takes on a whole different perspective in which she exposes what women often go through in everyday life. With the use of unconventional tools such as iron and covered wood Pacilio is able to create pieces that are sensual yet bold, graphic yet subdued with images showing the pains and struggles of women.
At an early age Pacilio traveled around the world with her family, spending parts of her childhood in Africa. It becomes evident that her experiences traveling have been used as a tool for inspiration. Pacilio tells us not only about herself and her experiences but also about a unique concept in a language that is sometimes extremely explicit, depicting problems linked to the gender differences which are still numerous and of difficult solutions.
Women are defined legally equal to men, but this is an ideological attempt to enslave them at higher levels of society and the job market. Freedom for women is not living the role men have assigned to them but to create mutual respect based on equality.

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