Ale’ Ale’ work by E.K. Buckley opening February 17th

press release

Yes Gallery is proud to present Ale ́ Ale ́ an exhibition featuring works by E. K. Buckley, curated by Lesley Doukhowetzky.

E.K. Buckley is a figurative painter working in Brookyln whose focus is bold, eerie nudes. Her works in oil, rely on stark gestures that produce poses ranging from balletic to violent. Buckley combines the heft of unrefined mark-making with elegance, creating forms with an extreme economy of illustrated description. Her subject matter is often drawn from her early training in music and literature, and her love of dance is clear in her uncanny ability to capture the body in movement. Buckley’s work in ink includes an austere series of crows; simple gestures that show her reliance on the raw mark, at times describing the bird in just a few stark and fast pen strokes. Her recent body of work includes large, distressed pieces on paper of women in mixed media. Buckley’s art could be described as Ale ́ Ale ́, a state of bursting inspiration and creativity. 

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