Continual DNA work by Michael Alan

Yes Gallery is proud to present over 40 works, a time-capsule exhibition by Michael Alen curated


by Lesley Doukhowetzky.  e work in Continual DNA streams form 2003-2011.


ere is a line that begins in Alan’s work that flows from piece to piece and jumps, leaps and


changes depending on the surface and combination he strikes with the material.  e continuous


line and flow morphs, grows and builds elaborate worlds from anatomy to movement.  e root of


anatomy (the figure) is DNA, the double helix, and the interpolation of DNA in Alan’s worlds


reforms and recreates itself.  e variety of forms are limitless from combinations of flesh, skeleton,


movement and print, collage and paint.


For Michael Alan, art is a combination of harmonious opposites, close observation, catharsis, a


means of communication and a radical juxtaposition of dimensional elements. He challenges


everything: concepts of figure, composition, media and movement, including his own. Exploring


the ambiguity of time and history, Alan’s work focuses on crossbreeding the relationship of


destruction and creation.


Alan was born in the summer of 1977, in New York City during the blackout. He currently works


and resides in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in 6 New York solo shows and over 200


group shows. Discussed in over 200 publications, books and media sources, including the New


York Times, NBC’s Today Show, Marie Claire Italia, the New York Post, Fox Channel 5, the


Village Voice’s “Best in Show”,Time Out New York, and the New York Press. In addition to his


work as a solo artist, Michael is the founder and director of the Living Installation, where he


transforms human beings into unique, living art objects that perform beautiful and treacherous


acts for an audience of artists and viewers. He is also the founder and director of Drawathon




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